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You can experience the rich life of St David’s even if you can’t attend in person through our recordings of services and events.

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Our weekly activity booklet – Activity booklet 19/11/2023

Reflection and Prayer

Weekly Prayer
St. David’s Burnside Prayers for the Week

Thought for the week.
Watch and be ready, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.  Matthew 24.42, 44 “Being present.”

Sermons &/or Reflection
19/11/23 Sermon Reflection

Daily Prayer/Thought of the day.
Daily Prayer is found in A Prayer Book for Australia Broughton books 1995. The bible reading is from the Revised Common Lectionary readings for morning prayer. We include ‘A Thought of the Day,’ which is a response to the reading, but which busy people might like to use on its own. Click on the title and it will take you to a short explanation of the ‘Thought for the day,’ and some music to reflect with. They are recorded in the Church at 8 am each day except Friday.

This weeks theme is “Take the risk and…
Monday 20/11/23 Matthew 24.32–51 “…be good.”
Tuesday 21/11/23 Matthew 25.1–13 “…take a second look.”
Wednesday 22/11/23 Matthew 25.14–30 “…invest.”
Thursday 23/11/23 Matthew 25.31–46 “…help someone.
Friday 24/11/23 Mark 1.1–13 “…change.”

Last week’s theme is “Being present …”
Monday 13/11/23 Matthew 22.34–46 “… in the moment
Tuesday 14/11/23 Matthew 23.1–15 “…in yourself
Wednesday 15/11/23 Matthew 23.16–28 “…with others
Thursday 16/11/23 Matthew 23.29-39 “…anyway
Friday 17/11/23 Matthew 24.1–14…again.

A week ago the theme was “The way of Love is …
Monday 30/10/23 Matthew 18.1–14…childlike.
Tuesday 31/10/23 Matthew 18.15–35…extravagantly forgiving
Wednesday 1/11/23 Matthew 19.1–15…doesn’t exploit the law.
Thursday 2/11/23 Matthew 19.16–30…giving first.
Friday 3/11/23 Matthew 20.1–16…unfairly generous.

Past Events

Saint Davids Burnside Youtube Channel Concert 22 October

Past Sermons & Reflections

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