The Parish Hall and adjacent meeting rooms (Original church)
The Parish Hall building comprises:
• a main hall
• a fully equipped kitchen and meeting room (Supper Room)
• a second meeting room, known as the Mary Dey Room
• Disabled access is available via the Kitchen/Supper Room
• Toilet facilities available with disabled access.

The Hall - suitable for events such as workshops, exercise  or educational classes, seminars,
dinners/receptions, special  sales or fundraising events.  Total area 21.2m x 4.5m
Well-presented with traditional high ceilings, white walls and polished wooden floor in the main section of the Hall and carpet on the raised stage area.
• Size: 14.2m x 7.5m with an additional non curtained raised stage area of 7m x 7.5m
• Accommodation: approx 150 depending on seating format
• Heating (gas)
• Cooling: high ceilings and overhead fans
• Sound system: available for an additional charge
• Screen: available for an additional charge
• Tables: available
• Seating: for 120 – 150  available, depending on layout

Supper Room and Kitchen – suitable for smaller luncheons or dinners, seminars, meetings, activity programs.  Total area 14.2m x 4.5m
• Size – Supper Room, 9.2m x 4.5m
• Size – Kitchen area, 5m x 4.5m
• Kitchen facilities include: dishwasher, stove (cook top and oven ), refrigerator, microwave, instant hot water,  bainmarie and counter providing an adjacent meeting or dining area   
• Accommodation:  60 standing / 40 seated
• Air-conditioning (reverse cycle)
• Fans
• Flooring: Kitchen, linoleum  /  Supper Room, carpet
• Tables
• Seating
• Screen and sound system: available for additional charge

Mary Dey Room (Second Meeting Room) – suitable for smaller group meetings or activities
• Size – 4.8m x 7m
• Air-conditioning (reverse cycle)
• Carpet
• Tables
• Seating

The Church
A modern style structure built in 1963, the main church accommodates 300 people.  In addition to regular church services, it has been used for seminars and concerts.
• Heating (on pew kneelers)
• Seating
• Sound System: available for additional charge
• Screen and projector: available for additional charge
• Glare prevention curtains

Parish Office – Meeting Room
This building was the original Burnside Council Chambers. It is now used as a parish meeting room and Rector’s office.   It has, on occasions, been made available for use by other organisations.
• Accommodation: 18 seated
• Air-conditioning (reverse cycle)
• Carpet
• Tables
• Seating