Weekday Services

Tuesday Service. 8.00 am – Eucharist in the Lady Chapel at St David’s 2 square metre social distancing

Thursday 10.00 am  – Eucharist in the Lady Chapel at St David’s, followed by

Thursday 10.45 am – "Coffee and a Chat".  Come to the service first or just join us in the Hall Kitchen for - well, it's in the title.

Third Tuesday of the month at 3.30 pm, Leabrook Place, Tusmore (retirement units) 2 square metre social distancing

Second Thursday of the month at 3.30 pm at Regis Burnside, Linden Park 2 square metre social distancing

We follow all government and Diocesan guidelines currently in force. The sacraments are offered as Communion of One Kind, ie only the bread will be served.  

Morning and Evening Prayer Podcasts
You can find the Daily Prayers in A Prayer Book for Australia pp 390-418.   The Adelaide Diocese cycle of prayer can be found at https://adelaideanglicans.com/ministry-support/prayer/cycle-of-prayer/  
Morning and evening Prayer Podcasts. Podcasts posted posted by 8 am weekdays and 8:30 am on Saturday. The current form is a meditation on daily prayers. If you wish to do the full service you will need approval for Australia and I'll Bible open at the appropriate page.

Monday Morning prayer 3/5

Monday Evening prayer

Tuesday Morning prayer

Tuesday Evening prayer

Wednesday Morning prayer

Wednesday Evening prayer

Thursday Morning prayer 29/4

Thursday Evening prayer

Friday Morning prayer 7/5

Friday Evening prayer 7/5

Saturday Morning prayer 8/5

Saturday Evening prayer