We love music at St David's and enjoy sharing it with others. Our tradition of concert partaking and involvement is a source of joy. Our delight is expressed in a wonderful array of other concerts and musical events throughout the year.

1st September    4 pm     Evensong

29th September     2-30 pm concert           Passionately Baroque Concert       Church     (and Kitchen afterwards )

6th October at 5 pm    Evensong   

19 th October     or 20th     or 12th  or 13th of October.   Afternoon  in the church    Heather Lander and students  (Time to be selected)

27th October    Adelaide Male voice choir        Church, Hall and Kitchen    1 pm onwards?

3rd November     Fiona and St Peter’s girl’s students    2 pm?     (Evensong at 5 pm could follow straight afterwards)

17th November    3 pm  Concert  with Trudie ??? (Time to be confirmed)

24th November  or  December 21/22        Rita of Ruby Tuesday 

1st December     Advent Sunday service at 5 pm

22nd December     Christmas Carols  Time to be decided

24/25 December Christmas services to be timed.